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Take the worry Out of Assembly

You Buy We Fix is London's premier flat-packed furniture assembly service that will save you time and money!

Let our friendly team professionally assist you by building (or dismantling) your flat-packed furniture in your home, store or office at a time that best suits you. Check Picture Gallery


Price By Item

We provide fixed price quotes for most works. This Way you will Know in advance what your costs are. Give us the product details including Retailer Name, product name/catalogue number (if possible) and we will give you the best quote you can find.

Price By Time

We Don't normally use this pricing methods to avoid issues, but in some cases there is no choice. We use it when the work is very complicated and is expected to take a few days to finish. In this case we will look at the project and suggest the approach and discuss suitability. Price calculated at 30-minute intervals. We are specialist in Ikea Furniture Aseembly and will give a fixed price for assembly services almost immediately.

***Where car parking is not readily available, the cost of utilising a nearby parking station or metered parking, or 'Congestion charge' will be added to the cost of your assembly charge. *Areas we cover
Commercial & Business Solutions
'You Buy We Fix' Furniture Assembly Service offers a bespoke Installation service for your Property using Ikea Furniture. We have a team of experienced assemblers who will build the flat pack furniture in your property and make your property ready for the tenants. Property investment is on the high and the competition with letting accommodations is increasing. 'You Buy We Fix' can help you stand out in the market with our excellent service. It's a simple four step process:
  • You can contact us to discuss the furniture required for the property. If you have decided what you want you can send us the list of items you want in the property. Or we can provide advice of what you can have, if you provide us with the layout of the property.
  • Once we have the list of furniture we can provide you with a fixed price for the assembly of the complete list.
  • You can then place an order with Ikea for the furniture you require for the property. Once we have a date for the delivery of the items to the property, we will arrange a date for assembly which is usually same day or the next day. (We can also arrange a pick up and delivery service from Ikea for the list of products you want)
  • Our team will assemble all the furniture and arrange it in the property to make it look the best it can and ready for the tenants.
At 'You Buy We Fix' we understand every budget and every type of accommodation and will provide service at all levels as required. Our aim for your property is that when a potential tenant walks in He or She should like the property as it looks and take it.
About Us
You buy we fix is London's premier flat-packed furniture assembly service. Although Ikea Flat Pack Furniture is very Popular, Regardless of which retailer you purchased your flat-packed furniture from, we provide a convenient alternative that's been personally tailored to save you time and money!
  • All the odd jobs you need doing, whether you haven't got the time, the inclination or the necessary skills to do them yourself, we are here to do it for you
  • You don't need any tools as we come with all the tools
  • Avoid frustration of understanding complicated instruction manuals
  • Relax whilst your new furniture is being assembled with utmost care
  • Relocate furniture with peace of mind when moving premises
  • Divert your precious time back onto your other personal priorities
  • Wait no more for that someone else to do it for you
Let our friendly furniture assembly team professionally assist you by building (or dismantling) your flat-packed furniture in your home, store or office at a time that best suits you. We operate our assembly service 7-days a week from 9am until Late. Review us on ClickaBiz
Furniture Assembly Tips
Tips to Help Buying Flatpack and Ready to assemble Furniture
  • We have been providing Flatpack Furniture Assembly service for a long time now and during this experience we have notices a lot of things that go wrong. We have listed a few things that may help in furnishing your home with less difficulty.
  • Common mistake most people make Furniture installation and fitting is with measurement of the Floor space where the furniture to be assembled and intended to be kept. Most people measure from wall to wall not at floor level and end up in trouble with a couple of Cm's short in the end. This is because of the skirting board. Always measure wall to wall by the floor where there is skirting, so you don't get into trouble with the space you loose with the skirting board.
  • Furniture assembly instructions to assemble furniture, show the dimensions for the furniture, it is good to have a factor of safety in tight spaces as there may be issues with bent walls and corners. Be aware of the curved coving if any, while choosing the height of the wardrobes.
  • For taller wardrobes Like the Ikea Pax wardrobe 236 cms height, please be aware that you need a ceiling height of 246cms or more to be able to do a Standard assembly. If it is less then 10 cms gap the assemblers will have to build the Pax wardrobe with upright assembly method which takes longer and extra charges May apply. Always keep a factor of safety when it comes to measurements.
  • Always take into account the space required to open wardrobe doors and drawers on a chest of drawers or a dressing table. Chest of drawers and bedside tables are usually in tight spaces near the bed or between the bed and the wardrobe in the room.
  • If your furniture is delivered to your home by any retailer like IKEA, Argos, John Lewis, Habitat,, Next, Dwell etc, or any retailer for that matter, please make sure they agree to deliver the boxes to the right floor or they may deliver it to the ground floor only. Delivery people are usually in a hurry, can't blame them, they do a highly time pressured job. You have to make sure you check the list against the items delivered before they leave. Check all the furniture boxes for any damage to the packaging and write it on the invoice if any. Many Flat pack assembly items come in more then one box. You will know when it says 1 of 2 or 1 of 3 on a box. Make sure you also have 2 of 3 and 3 of 3. Be aware that roofs are not always the same height in different room of the house.
  • If you are planning to furnish a room, you may be buying a BED, wardrobe, Chest and so on, it is very tempting to Assemble the Bed yourself as it seems easy and then you call for a furniture assembly service to do the wardrobe. The problem here is that the bed has taken all the room space and it get very difficult or not possible to assemble the wardrobe for the furniture installer without dis assembling the bed and we will have to reassemble it. Remember the rule 'Bed Assembly Last'. Saves a lot of trouble associated with all the other furnitures assembly. Flat pack construction or Ikea Furniture Assembling can always be made easy with a little bit of planing.
  • If you see any damage on the packaging it is worth opening the box and make sure the item is not damaged while the delivery people are still there.
  • Read our Testimonials and check out our Business Solutions page to see what we offer and what our customers say about our furniture assembly services london.
We will keep adding tips here as and when we notice more issues. So keep coming back and refer this page to family and friends who are planning to buy furniture.

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